Trompe petite, trompette, trummet, trumpet! Big trumpets,
little trumpets, trumpets

of all shapes and sizes in a rousing tour of instrumental history.
Introducing your guides:


It all began in 1993, when fifteen young trumpeters and trumpetesses
pooled every available bit of trumpeting kit and went public with an
ensemble extraordinaire. Starting life as Die Trossinger Trompeten,
the pure-play trumpet troupe was and remains an odd-group-out in
the brass scene, gaining an enthusiatic welcome from press and
audiences alike. trumpetARTensemble takes its trumpets neat but
bubbling with variety and variationacross the whole continuum
from piccolo to bass, modern to historical, natural to valve to
cornet. All members of trumpetARTensemble are onetime
students of Horst-Dieter Bolz, the groups artistic director and
an emeritus of Trossingen Musikhochschule. The instrumentalists,
every one well established in a solo or orchestral career, make
trumpetARTensemble not just a chambermusic novelty but an
unforgettable musical experience for players and public alike.
The trumpetARTensemble repertoire taps into five centuries
of music history. Dedicated opuses for large trumpet ensemble
ring out alongside masterly arrangements of well-known
compositions. The range of instrumental lineups is a source
of variety in its own right. With anything from trumpet trios to
upwards of a trumpeters dozen sounding from all corners of
the stage or church, trumpetARTensemble serves its delighted
audience an acoustic and visual feast.

The ensemble presented its first CD in 1995. In 2005 the
trumpetARTensemble's second CD came out - the first one
under the group's new name.

The trumpetARTensemble success story includes numerous
concerts in Germany along with guest appearances in France,
Italy and Switzerland. [•]