Prof. Horst-Dieter Bolz
Prof. Horst-Dieter

Born in Stuttgart in 1936, Prof. Horst-Dieter Bolz started playing at the tender age of 10 on an old dented cornet in his local “Posaunenchor”, one of southern Germany’s traditional church brass choirs. His father wanted him to be a civil servant but Horst-Dieter, having seen the film “Young Man With A Horn” repeatedly, decided that he was going to become a trumpeter! At 14 he played in various dance orchestras and even taught his first students. One year later he heard his idol Horst Fischer live, founded the “Tanzorchester Dieter Bolz” and played in and around Stuttgart, mainly in American clubs. His fascination with jazz also didn’t fade in 1953 when he started studying at Stuttgart State Music College with Heinz Burum, the then principal trumpeter at the Stuttgart State Opera. Even though his new and renowned teacher didn’t approve, Horst-Dieter Bolz played with Wolfgang Dauner and Joe Haider at the first big band gala events in Stuttgart and was good friends with Erwin Lehn’s trumpet section. In 1955, out of sheer need for adventure and excitement, he toured the Orient for two years as a trumpeter and vibraphone player. Upon his return to Germany he resumed his studies with Heinz Burum and, in 1959, became principal trumpeter at the Coburg State Theatre. In the years that followed he performed as a guest soloist with, among others, the Nuremberg Opera and the Bamberg Symphony. He also quickly established himself as an accomplished solo virtuoso on the piccolo trumpet. Moreover, his love for teaching made him one of Germany’s most successful trumpet pedagogues. In 1977 he accepted a professorship at Trossingen University of Music, where he taught trumpet, chamber music and brass methodology. Over the years a whole generation of leading orchestral musicians, concert soloists, college professors and educators emerged from his trumpet class. In 1993 he and his students founded the “Trossingen Trumpets” (now the trumpetARTensemble). Even though he retired in 2002, he remains an active and enthusiastic teacher and, naturally, directs the trumpetARTensemble. Jean-Pierre Mathez (trumpeter and editor of Brass Bulletin) once said about Prof. Horst-Dieter Bolz:

A pedagogue of great discretion, as it is only found in the greatest teachers!