The ensemble trumpetARTbaroque comprises members
of trumpetART who are specialists in the fields of baroque
trumpet and period performance.

The baroque trumpet has no valves and only allows the player
to use the so-called natural harmonic series of the instrument.
Until the early 19th century all trumpet parts were written for
those kinds of instrument.

The trumpet has always been a symbol of might and glory.
Every major European court had its own trumpet ensemble
for which the court composers wrote extensively. Many of
those works survived and give proof today of the wide
variety of trumpet music composed and performed at courts
throughout Europe. To name but a few, J.H. Schmelzer and
I. Albertini wrote for the emperor in Vienna; M.-R- Delalande,
J.-B. Lully, J.-J. Mouret and M.-A. Charpentier for the
“Sun King” Louis XIV at Versailles; H. Schütz, G.Ph.
Telemann and J.S. Bach in Germany; C. Monteverdi and
A. Vivaldi in Italy; G.F. Händel and H. Purcell for the English
kings and queens. Apart from stately political occasions the
trumpet also played a major role in church music, of course.
The highlights of the church year were unthinkable without
trumpet music.

In its concerts the ensemble trumpetARTbaroque revives
this glorious era of the Baroque - a magnificent and powerful
musical feast with five to eight trumpets, organ and timpani!